Monday, April 16, 2007

Mini Tidbit #1

Have an avatar. It can be your product, something pretty, words, something silly, what ever you feel expresses your shop.

Having an avatar does 2 things:
1. It gives users a way to identify your shop
2. It presents you as someone who is part of the Etsy community, that little picture makes you trustworthy.

Don't make your avatar photo so incredibly beautiful that it outshines your work. Something simple that doesn't change is a good way for people to know who you are :O)


PicturesOfLily said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. I love your stuff on Etsy, it's beautiful, and original. I check often, for your tips here, and I look at my own Etsy shop in a whole new way, always thinking about what can be improved.
I see that you are a paper freak, like me. I can't get enough and I could spend all day admiring, searching, discovering, feeling, finding, loving paper. My queston is what are some of your favorite sources for paper. I have found some lovely places online, and would love to learn of some others.
Congrats on your new place, and please continue to add your interesting takes on selling on Etsy.

littleputbooks said...

Gina, you listed my favorite source in your blox, flax art and design. Really San Francisco is where to go if you can't make it to Japan. :O) I rarely buy paper I can't touch and Portland leaves a lot to be desired. I go to the bay area twice a year ad load up, its so much fun!!!!!