Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Selling On Etsy Tip #3 Selling more than one item in your store

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Variety is the spice of Etsy. Have a well rounded shop. The more the merrier, give your shoppers a reason to fill up their carts, give them a way to find you and show the Etsy world all the many things you can do.

Tip 3.
You can sell more than one kind of thing in your Etsy shop.

Etsy is a visual medium. Most brick and mortar stores have a theme, color scheme or a niche. Successful retail shops often attract customers who will come in for one thing and leave with others they never knew they needed. You can do this with your Etsy shop as well. Your various goods should be complimentary to one another, you can have jewelry and knitting and wood products all in the same shop but they need to mesh, and you need to offer a number of similar products. One cutting board in a shop full of tee shirts probably won't sell but if you have 5 of one and 7 of another you are offering your customers one stop shopping. This is especially great around the holidays, who needs the mall?

Testimonal written by Allison (photos and work above)
One good thing about offering a larger variety of items in your shop is that you can be found by more people who do a search for an item. By only having photographs, my shop was mostly found by searching for photography. Now, someone can come across my shop when looking for cards, journals, postcards and ACEOs, as well as photography. On Etsy, it's all about exposure and getting your shop out there for others to see. They can't buy your items if they can't find you.

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