Thursday, April 12, 2007

Selling On Etsy Tip #5 Master your craft

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How good are you at what you do?

It would be pretty miraculous if you could make a living selling jewelry like the earrings pictured above. Do you make something that wows your audience? Famous artists and designers all have a certain appeal (or family name) and have mastered thier skills. They set themselves apart from the DIY crowd by being fantastic at thier jobs.

Tip 5

Master your craft, get really good at what you love to do and give your everything to it. I have made a lot of really bad books in my time, wobbly, floppy, and just plain idiotic designs. But bookbinding is something I love. It is something I really wanted to be good at and so I kept at it. Over time my books got stronger, my ideas got better and I started making things that people were excited to buy.

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Let your love for your craft consume you and it will show in your finished products. To quote a wise etsy seller Spazspun

"Learn your craft. Learn it to the point where you can let your instincts take over. Learn all the rules and then break them with abandon! Believe in yourself and your uniqueness."

So beautifully put that it had to be repeated


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

I'm laughing at your "hokey" tag, but this is so true! If you really love what you do, you'll never notice all the hours it takes you to get brilliant at what you do. It's all worth it :)

BlueJude said...

Your shameless plug is beautiful!! Thanks for the advice and inspiration!

ellene said...

thanks for the tips and the wonderful motivation. I was touched by the Spazspun comment when she was a featured seller~thanks for reminding me of what is important.

Sandra Williams said...

Such inspiration and great advice! Thanks!

Art Lady Manor said...

"Master your craft, get really good at what you love to do and give your everything to it."

Great advice because it is so true! I started creating digital drawings out of photographs and when I compare my first black and white drawings with the ones I am doing now, they are 100 times better than they used to be.

I was so excited to discover etsy last month and have recieved a lot of interest and positive responses to my work. I am still waiting for that first custom order, but am optimistic I will get orders as the holidays approach.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

What a delicious post!!

Tracy said...

Wow, this is what I need to read everyday ! Thanks :)

I tend to go on creating sprees and then get mentally zonked, realising most of that work was for Etsy and not myself. But now I'm finally creating for myself again and LOVE the new goodies that are appearing.

Now I'm off to read the rest of your wonderful uplifting blog :)

Take care, Tracy ♥