Friday, May 4, 2007

Selling On Etsy Tip #8 Sell what you love and sell more!

Photo courtesy of Surreal Muse

A great example of what this tip is all about (go see)!

Bring your best.

Why are you wasting time listing stuff that is not the best you can make? For those who are just starting out it is so important that you make your best impression. So you put some beads on elastic and you only want $2.00 for it, they really break up the look of your storefront and over-shadow the awesome peyote stitch earrings you have listed. Sure, maybe someone will buy your cheap stuff because it is cheap but if you want your Etsy shop to thrive you need to put your best work forward and give the crap to your nieces (no offense nieces).

Tip 8.
Your storefront on Etsy says everything. It takes time to make, photograph and list stuff. If you are going to put your time and your .20c in, make it count. Don't sell what you don't love, and if you are not great at what you make, get better. Take classes, try new techniques, keep trying. If you want your etsy shop to seriously work for you, make sure your customers know you take it seriously.


Anonymous said...

I'm honored that you selected "Chaos Theory" as reference material for your post. It's a great that can be hard to digest when you're first start trying to get your craft out into the world. First, because it can be hard to learn how to let go of some of your best pieces that mean so much to you. And secondly, because you never realize how much there is to learn behind the scenes until you make the leap to take your craft seriously and start selling. I know in the beginning when I started to exhibit my artwork...I learned a little bit through trial and error how to properly frame artwork among other things.

Definitely a great post! Can't wait to see what other suggestions you have in your blog posts. :)

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

I agree - it can be difficult to separate the wanting to make a sale mentality to the this is my best creation and i offer it up for purchase and will wait until the right buyer comes along approach.

This post is right on and I still have my eye on a couple of your little pendants.

Arnym said...

Great did a very good job and thank you so much for your comment on etsy :)

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

So true!

And especially online, where decisions are made with a click and your first impression may be your last.

UnitaMann said...

I have just been feeling crappy about how my shop is looking and contemplating removing some of the items either because i don't think they're that great or they just didn't photograph well. Now i have my answer. I really needed that swift kick! Thanks!

Carol Dean said...

I felt that kick as well :D Thank you.

Steph said...

Yep, me too. Running off to do some merciless deleting.

:-) MaryLou said...

When I began selling on Etsy, my focus was on my artwork. I began creating all sorts of other things, though, because I love to make all sorts of things. Now I can see that I'm going to have to seriously consider opening another shop so I can separate my artwork from my beadwork from my paper crafts from my supplies... I need four shops!!!

You're absolutely correct, though. While I've had customers comment that they like the variety I offer, it bothers me that there's such a mix.

Lavonne said...

This is great info to know.